Get away from it all beside the sea during a cheap weekend in Calais

Get away from it all beside the sea during a cheap weekend in Calais

A town with a maritime atmosphere
Calais is ideal for short seaside breaks. This is one getaway by the sea that you can afford to treat yourself to. We recommend the two ibis hotels in the centre of town for cheap weekends in Calais.
Historic sites in the Flemish tradition
In the early morning, go to the Quais du Bassin du Paradis where the Port of Calais’ fish market is held. As the sound of sea birds mingles with the fishmongers’ calls, you’ll be impressed with how fresh the mussels, crabs, whiting fish and other produce are. Just a few yards further on is the Calais lighthouse. Its panoramic balcony offers 360°views over the town and its surroundings. Take in some sea air on the pier. You’ll be a stone’s throw from Calais’ beach: its immense stretches of sand have row after row of picturesque wooden chalets.
A Flemish influence still lingers in old Calais. You’ll notice it in the gabled houses along the lovely Rue Royale. The combination of stone and brick indicates how old these façades are. You’ll discover others as you explore the streets up to the belfry, an example of Flemish Renaissance architecture which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. While you’re there, you can also admire the Six Bourgeois de Calais statue on the elegant flowery lawn. Rodin’s statue captures the difficult times during the Hundred Years’ War when Calais was Flemish. Further along, the Parc Richelieu is a beautiful garden in the centre of the old town. You’ll enjoy strolling beneath the trees and beside its lakes and decorative fountains.

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