Get a breath of fresh air at a cheap hotel in Bordeaux Bacalan

Get a breath of fresh air at a cheap hotel in Bordeaux Bacalan

Strolling around the wet docks
The Bacalan district is an ideal location for getting some fresh air in Bordeaux. It has affordable accommodation including our two recommended ibis hotels. Your stay there will be very comfortable and you’ll be just 10 minutes from the historic centre.
Relaxation on the banks of the Garonne
Your cheap hotel in Bordeaux Bacalan is just a 5-minute tram ride from the wet docks. These river ports are always changing.Take a walk on the quays and watch the barges moored there before you discover the futuristic Cité des Civilisations du Vin. Not far from there and just at water level is a Second World War bunker. It has been transformed into a multidisciplinary art centre and is now home to creations by contemporary artists. Its subterranean location used to hold submarines and is now decoratively lit up. If you follow the wet docks all the way to the Garonne River, you will spot the Jacques-Chaban-Delmas lift bridge. You might see it rise up to the very top of its piers as a tall boat glides underneath.
What better way to recharge your batteries than a woodland walk? The willows and alders which are native to the Bordeaux area add an extra special something to your strolls along the banks of the Garonne. This natural park is great for breaks among the trees in the Bacalan district. Head northwards if you’d like to see the lake. This water feature was created in the 1960s to make use of the fenland at the river’s edge. You can picnic in the pine forest beside the lake and take it easy on the beach in summer: the bathing water has been awarded Pavillon Bleu certification for cleanliness. You can also take your bike along the cycle paths which ring the lake. Be sure to give them a try!
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