Escapade in the South near to your low cost hôtel Montpellier

Escapade in the South near to your low cost hôtel Montpellier

A day dedicated to exploring Montpellier’s heritage.
Montpellier is the shining gem of Languedoc-Roussillon. It’s sunny climate, lively culture, many students, makes this city a really great place to visit. Close to your low cost hotel in Montpellier, are countless monuments and memorable sites about which we will provide information.
The sweetness of the South
Many monuments in Montpellier have survived the ages. In the Middle Ages, the city had a Jewish quarter. Only the Mikveh is still accessible today. In the old Ecusson quarter, you can admire the towers of Saint-Pierre cathedral. This religious edifice replaced the chapel of the Saint-Benedict monastery (monastère Saint-Benoît). Promoted to cathedral status in 1536, it underwent architectural improvements. Towers and a porch were added. A stone’s throw from the cathedral and from your low cost Montpellier hotel, you will see the imposing outline of the Arc de Triomphe at the entrance of the promenade du Peyrou. This arch was built under Louis XIV and replaced a monumental doorway. The green promenade housing a 1768 water-tower is a wonderful place to take a stroll.
Just next to the cathedral, the jardin des plantes is the perfect example of a garden par excellence. This beautiful natural area includes thousands of plant species studied by botanists and enjoyed by the public. Our Ibis Montpellier Centre Comédie and Ibis Styles Montpellier Centre Comédie hotels are ideally located close to the Place de la Comédie. Haussmannian buildings surround this central square which is oval in shape and nicknamed “The Egg”. Continue on to the Charles-de-Gaulle esplanade where statues, fountains and tree-lined avenues provide an excellent place to stop and cool down during the summer months.
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