Enjoy a cultural getaway in the city of Geneva

Enjoy a cultural getaway in the city of Geneva

Enjoyable stroll along the lakefront
Geneva Airport is the gateway to the most international city of Switzerland and home to numerous international organizations. Close to the airport are two significant sites: Palexpo and the United Nations Headquarters.
Go for a peaceful and scenic stroll alongside Lake Geneva, the largest freshwater lake in Western Europe. Take time to contemplate the incomparable scenery, including the lake’s Jet-D’eau fountain - one of the city's most famous landmarks, which shoots water 140 metres into the air – and the Mont Blanc, which dominates the majestic background. Climb the 157 stairs of Saint-Pierre Cathedral’s tower and admire the stunning panorama from the top. While the city provides a wide range of shopping opportunities, within the airport you’ll also find a large shopping centre. With 100 stores and services open seven days a week, you can sample local specialties, from chocolate, sweets and cheese to Switzerland’s most famed export - watches!

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