Discovering Luxembourg on a budget

Discovering Luxembourg on a budget

Luxembourg remains relatively undiscovered on the tourist trail. But this gem has all the ingredients for an affordable adventure! Check out our budget tips for a truly memorable city trip in Luxembourg.

Forget London, Paris or Rome and venture off the beaten path instead! Luxembourg is an international city with plenty to tempt your curiosity. It is one of the wealthiest cities in Europe, but this doesn't automatically mean it has to cost you a fortune to visit. Luxembourg has all the ingredients for a memorable city trip on a budget; from discount cards to walking routes through the park, to free sites at the Palace!
Free spectacles at the Grand Ducal Palace
Much like the queen’s palace in England, Luxembourg has its very own changing of the guard! At the Grand Ducal Palace of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, an impressive spectacle occurs when the three guards that keep watch change shifts. Every hour they put on a show that rivals that of Buckingham Palace! Fun fact: the Grand Duke actually takes residence in the palace. Spotting the flag at the palace means the Royal Family is home.
Green zones in Luxembourg City
Luxembourg is one of the greenest cities in Europe. The impressive and beautiful green zones are the perfect grounds for a leisurely stroll without spending in excess. You can even take it up a notch and be more adventurous as the paths are endlessly diverse. Visit Vallée de la Pétrusse, a green oasis in the valley in the middle of town. Pass under the popular Adolphe Bridge which spans across the park and connects the neighbourhood of Gare with the city centre. For a gorgeous view over the old town, be sure to head to Fort Thüngen and the Three Acorns Park nearby. The park aptly earns its name thanks to the countless acorns that adorn the tops of the fort's three towers. More attractions are also to be found in the park such as the Philharmonie. Or get some peace of mind and go for tranquil nature in English city park Edouard André. For those that wince at the thought of all that green, no worries! Luxembourg City is proud to have earned a place on UNESCO World Heritage list. Walk through the city and experience a medley of history, authenticity and modernity all in one!
Luxembourg Card – your ticket to discount
A handy and economical tip to save money and benefit from discounts during your visit to the city is the purchase of the Luxembourg Card from 'Visit Luxembourg'. There are three options to choose from: 1, 2, or 3-day vouchers. For an affordable price, visit over 70 museums and attractions throughout Luxembourg. And by throughout Luxembourg we literally mean the entire country! A great opportunity to also take a peek outside of the city. You have the added luxury of traveling by public transport for free!
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