Discover the Canton of Neuchâtel, a stunning natural setting for lovely walks

Discover the Canton of Neuchâtel, a stunning natural setting for lovely walks

Exploring the city of Neuchâtel
At the heart of the Jura, the Canton of Neuchâtel boasts an exceptional location. Enjoy enchanting walks among its extraordinary natural beauty spots and its architectural and cultural treasures.
In the surroundings
Start your tour of Neuchâtel at the Place des Halles and admire the graceful architecture of the Maison des Halles, an ancient trading hall built in 1569. Then discover the fountain of Banneret with its bright colours. The two symbols of the city are just within walking distance: the beautiful twelfth-century collegiate church and the adjoining castle. From there, make a stop at the Prison Tower, the oldest building in the city dating back to the tenth century. From the top you can admire a stunning view of the city, the lake and the mountains. Then back down through the winding alleyways and stop off at the hotel DuPeyrou, a beautiful seventeenth century house built for Pierre Alexandre DuPeyrou, a close friend of the philosopher Rousseau. The castle bears witness to the economic prosperity of Neuchâtel, which enjoyed at the time of its inclusion in the Prussian Hohenzollern dynasty.
Many water activities take place on Lake Neuchatel, which is also an idyllic swimming spot. Take the path from Hauterive beach leading to the beach of Saint-Blaise, in a beautiful natural setting, or embark on a cruise on the lake to the neighbouring villages. Why not plan a stop for hiking or cycling? One of the most remarkable natural sites of the canton is the Creux du Van, a vast circle of craggy rocks, 1400 meters wide and 200 meters high, located in the Val-de-Travers, which offers a breathtaking panorama.

Let your heart melt for Neuchâtel, a city carved into a slab of butter...
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