Cultural riches during a cheap holiday in Toulouse

Cultural riches during a cheap holiday in Toulouse

The beating heart of Toulouse
Want to discover the “pink city”? There are 2000 years of history to explore during your cheap holidays in Toulouse. Your ibis hotel is ideally situated to let you easily reach the sites we’ve selected for you.
Saint-Étienne cathedral
The Capitole is an exceptional 18th-century building named after the capitouls, the city council’s elected officials. The building still serves as their meeting place and now includes the city hall. More unexpectedly, it’s also a theatre venue. Its stone and brick façade is made even more beautiful with touches of red and white marble.
Saint-Sernin basilica
The cathedral was built on the foundations of a 5th-century chapel. It has seen many transformations in its time, and now possesses two architectural styles: Southern Gothic and Northern Gothic. Its stained glass windows and liturgical furnishings are definitely worth a few moments’ contemplation.
A little corner of Japan in Toulouse
During your cheap holidays in Toulouse, visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Saint-Sernin basilica. You’ll be dazzled by this masterpiece of Roman art which was built from the 11th to 13th centuries. Make sure you check out its crypts and the regal gilded wooden baldacchino at the building’s centre.
The Jardin Royal
The Japanese garden inspired by the parks of Kyoto is just minutes from your ibis hotel. You can reach spaces dedicated to water, plants or minerals via little bridges. And don’t miss the tea pavilion!
This was Toulouse’s first ever public park. It was designed after the French style in 1754, but in the 19th century it took on an English garden look. Like the Japanese garden, it’s officially listed for its impressive number of plant species.
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