Culinary Belgium

Culinary Belgium

Time you find out how Belgians embody the real Burgundian spirit. Experience this yourself during a well-deserved holiday in Belgium and enjoy the best delights the country has to offer! Specialty beers, wondrous waffles, chocolate, simmering stews and mussels with chips!

Belgium is increasingly recognised as a gastronomic destination. So allow us to provide you with some traditional and culinary Belgian tips! The Belgian specialty beer, the waffles, the delicious chocolate and the Flemish chips are simply not to be missed. But Belgium has plenty more to offer! A rich wine history, mouth-watering stews and an unmistakable mussel pot.
The infamous Flemish chip
There has been much debate about from where exactly the chip originates. The French claim to be the ‘inventors’ of the fried potato, but that’s no matter to the Belgians. They are immensely proud of their very own method of cooking chips to perfection. The secret to perfect chips? Fry them twice! A softer potato is generally used, which is fried first on low heat and then at a higher temperature. This way the inside remains light and airy while the outside gets extra crispy. The humble chip is far from just a ‘simple’ snack to prepare! The best of the best, according to many sources in Belgium, can be enjoyed at the Maison Antoine snackbar (frietkot).
Belgian stew
A dish typically served with Flemish chips is the Flemish stew. The stews come in many varieties that include vegetables, beef and even rabbit or lamb. The meet and veggies are slow-cooked in a sauce made up of herbs and a good dash of specialty beer until tender. A truly savoury feast!
Belgian specialty beer
When in Belgium, you simply cannot skip out on the beer. The Belgians are genuine and professional beer brewers of the highest calibre. They have brewed beer since the Middle Ages and have been regarded as the best ever since. Over one thousand different types of beer are brewed here. Start your Belgian specialty beer discovery in Ghent, Brussels or Antwerp and taste the country’s fine diversity. From white beer to dark beer, Lambic, Trappist beer or the ‘standard’ pilsner. Each beer is served in its very own distinct glass!
Belgian wines
What many do not realise is that next to Belgium’s specialty beer, the country also has a refined collection of wine. The first vineyards were cultivated and managed by the Romans but unfortunately abandoned due to the cooler periods that followed. No reason however for the Belgians to give up entirely. Currently there are about a dozen or so winegrowers in areas like Hageland, Haspengouw and Sambre-et-Meuse.
Mussels in a black pot
The Belgian mussels are one of the country’s most delicious specialties. They are commonly served in a black enamelled mussel pot with, of course, a large portion of chips. Also known as ‘moules-frites’! At De Mosselbeurs in Ostend, you can taste this delectable dish at its best. Are you in Antwerp? Then we recommend Maritime and Plaasj Kaffee.
Chocolate that melts on your tongue
Ready for dessert? Then allow yourself a feast with some renowned Belgian chocolate. Chocolate lovers can indulge themselves all over Belgium, but Planète Chocolat in Brussels however stands out as one of the best in the world. Learn everything there is to know about chocolate here and embark on a real Choco Tour through Brussels!

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