Complete immersion in the Lorraine region with low cost holidays in Metz.

Complete immersion in the Lorraine region with low cost holidays in Metz.

Metz station
Capital of Lorraine, Metz is a thousand year old city. The Romans called it Divodurum, Mettis and then Metz in the 6th century. With hundreds of protected buildings, this is the ideal location for low cost holidays in Metz. Our team is there to recommend five key sites not to be missed.
The former maison des corporations
The current station opened in 1908. German architectural influence is evident here. And for good reason - engineers and artists from beyond the Rhine took part in building it. From the Ibis Metz Centre Gare and Ibis Styles Metz Centre Gare, you can easily reach it.
A walk in the botanical garden
On the border of the imperial quarter, an especially remarkable building has been preserved, namely the former maison des corporations, also called hôtel des arts et métiers. All in pink sandstone, it was built in 1909 to house institutions such as the labour court.
During your low cost holidays in Metz, take time to chill out in the botanical garden. This area, which covers more than 4 hectares, houses the Frescatelly pavillion and the hothouses built for the 1861 Universal Exhibition.

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