Bern, attractive and dynamic medieval city

Bern, attractive and dynamic medieval city

Modern times
Founded more than 800 years ago, Bern - 4th largest city in Switzerland and home of the Swiss Federal government headquarters - has retained the features of a medieval town. Its beauty is largely due to the harmony of its architecture, with its sandstone facades, archways and fountains. The Fountain of Justice and the Fountain of the Ogre are magnificent works dating from the sixteenth century, which reveal the prosperity of the Bernese bourgeoisie of the time. Multiple buildings such as the Tower of Prisons, former city gate built in the seventeenth century or the Clock Tower, which dates from 1530, will allow you to imagine the buzzing life of the city as it was in the Middle Ages.
On the Bundesplatz, visit the Federal Palace, seat of the Swiss government and parliament, and admire the symbolic representations of Swiss history under the central dome. Follow the arcades and pause for a moment at the home of Albert Einstein. On the second floor of the building, the rooms where he lived and where he formulated his theory of relativity have been preserved as they were and offer a moving account of the life of the famous physicist. Enjoy the fresh air in Gurten park, with its green hill on top of which you’ll be able to contemplate a stunning view of the city and the Alps. Finally, to refuel after a long walk, why not enjoy a cheese fondue and other Swiss specialties at the restaurant “Harmonie”. One of the oldest restaurants in Bern, it has kept its typical traditional character.

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