An escape on the banks of Lake Geneva…

An escape on the banks of Lake Geneva…

Lake Geneva, the largest freshwater lake in Western Europe
Lake Geneva is an ideal starting point for your tour of the city of Geneva. Strolling down the streets of the old town, admire the beauty of its architecture and enjoy the cultural richness – you’ll find more than 30 museums and galleries in the city.
The beauty of the old town
From the Quay Mont Blanc, admire the spectacular scenic view of the Mont Blanc and the Jet-D’eau fountain. An icon of the city, this fountain is the tallest in the world, shooting water approximately 140 metres into the air. The Bain des Pâquis, on the western shore, draws visitors and locals alike, who flock to its unique bathing areas to enjoy a spectacular view on the lake or a sunbathe on the jetty. To reach the other bank of the lake, you can either cross via the Mont-Blanc Bridge or hop aboard one of the famous ‘Mouettes’ - the yellow taxi shuttle boats - from the Bain des Pâquis. The Mouettes operate between four different harbours, providing a convenient way to explore the city or contemplate it from the water.
Wander the streets of the old town, known as ‘Protestant Rome’ under Jean Calvin and enjoy a journey back in time by visiting the International Museum of the Reformation. The old town is presided over by the Saint-Pierre Cathedral, which construction began in the twelfth century and which combines Roman and Gothic style. The Cathedral is known as Calvin’s adopted home church. Climb the 157 stairs to the tower and contemplate the view from the top. Taking bus lines F, V, Z or 8 –alighting at “Appia”- visit the Palais des Nations, the United Nations headquarters in Geneva. Just a stone’s throw from the UN, you’ll find the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum.

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