Affordable dining in The Hague

Affordable dining in The Hague

The Hague is more than just the political capital of the The Netherlands. Gourmet restaurants are plentiful here and quite a few offer great quality for an affordable price. Enjoy pancakes by the beach or exotic dishes around the Binnenhof. The Hague’s menu has much to offer!

The Hague has a rich history where plenty of political blood, sweat and tears have been spilt. Despite this however, the political capital of The Netherlands is filled with plenty of culinary options. Hot spots downtown, along the canals or on the Grote Markt are perfect for wining and dining! Enjoy an affordable night out in The Hague with the following guide.
Dining on the beach in Scheveningen
Scheveningen beach is a scenic and lovely way to dine out in The Hague. An evening accompanied with an endless view out to sea is both romantic and perfect for a family outing! In between courses the kids can hit the sand while you soak up the beautiful sunset. The costs are generally higher given the surroundings so keep an eye out for restaurants serving an all-day menu. Head down to the recently revamped De Pier Pannenkoeken for pancakes or to the harbour/boulevard for fresh fish. Satisfy your appetite and keep your wallet happy at the same time!
Grand Cafes around the Grote Markt
Downtown The Hague has an array of choices for fine cuisine. Gastropubs are relatively cheaper and luckily The Hague is filled with them! Sample the culture out and about the Grote Markt with the setting sun as your background. De Zwarte Ruiter for example offers a variety of international dishes for a reasonable price and a musically inspired audience.
Save on dinner around the Buitenhof
Catch a glimpse of the Binnenhof where our political architects convene and save on good food around the Buitenhof nearby. Towards the corner of the square on the Passage is Italian restaurant DeLuca. Craving for Mexican or Cuban instead? Try Popocatepetl or restaurant Havana at the Buitenhof. All three are open daily and ready to serve a tasty yet affordable bite to eat!
Dining along the canals of The Hague
Although not immediately associated with The Hague, the city has beautiful canals as well! Restaurants are found both along and in the canals in so called terrasboten, essentially a floating diner or dining area. The M Restaurant on the Groenewegje is a prime example, dishing up French cuisine inspired by seasonal produce. For a culinary alternative, Eethuis de Zon on the Dunne Bierkade serves vegetarian dishes based on an alternating menu. There’s plenty of opportunity for price-friendly dining along the canals of The Hague!
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