A stay in Lorraine in a low cost hotel in Metz.

A stay in Lorraine in a low cost hotel in Metz.

The old city
The essential charm of Lorraine is most definitely Metz. Founded by the Celts, the city only gained its current name in the 6th century AD. This city has much to offer in terms of art and history. You will enjoy its medieval and classical monuments, close to our three low cost hotels in Metz.
The new city
We suggest you explore the old part of the city starting with Saint Etienne cathedral. It took three centuries to build this architectural work in a radiant and flamboyant Gothic style. Its strained glass windows are among the most remarkable in Europe. Not far from the Ibis Metz Centre Cathédrale hotel, on the place d'Armes, you’ll find the city hall, built in a neo-classical style between 1761 and 1771. Further south, avenue Foch links the old centre with the new city. The bordering villas enhance the city with their eclectic styles, typical of the early 20th century. At the starting point of Avenue Foch, la maison des corporations, also known as hôtel des arts et métiers, was built in the German neo-Renaissance style. This pink sandstone edifice was inaugurated in 1909.
In this part of Metz you will see more recent constructions and developments. From the Ibis Metz Centre Gare and Ibis Styles Metz Centre Gare, you can easily reach the Centre Pompidou-Metz. This modern art museum stands out with its unusual architecture and its canopy roof. It has enhanced the urban landscape since 2010. Considerably older, the station is a major landmark in the city. It was inaugurated in 1908. It has a 40-metre high clock tower. Close to your low cost Metz hotel is the botanical garden where you can take a pleasant stroll among the roses, tulips and water features.
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