A journey through Time in Bern

A journey through Time in Bern

Discover Bern’s most renowned citizens
Founded more than 800 years ago, Berne - seat of the Swiss Federal government headquarters - has retained the features of a medieval town. The city displays a unique architectural heritage with its famously renowned arcades running for 3.7 miles and its sandstone buildings facades and fountains. Wander in the streets towards the Bundesplatz to admire the Federal Palace. In summer, the water-jets hidden in the pavement of the square offer pleasant refreshment before you visit the palace. The Federal Palace is home to the Swiss Government and Parliament. Under its magnificent central dome, you can see symbolic representations of Swiss history. At walking distance from the Bundesplatz, do not miss the clock tower called Zytglogge, which houses the oldest Swiss watch!
200 m away from "Zytglogge" is the house of Albert Einstein. The story goes that it was on the second floor of this building that the physicist lived when he developed the theory of relativity in 1905. The Einstein Museum, integrated into the Bern Historical Museum on Helvetiaplatz, is worth a visit. The Museum’s collection traces the life of the physicist throughout some 550 original objects and reproductions. An additional 70 films and many demonstration models on display shed a light on the physicist’s innovative discoveries. Just a few minutes by bus (line 12, alight at the terminus) you’ll reach the Zentrum Paul Klee, an impressive curvaceous building which hosts the largest collection of art works by Klee, the most famous Bernese artist.

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