A holiday of discovery near your cheap hotel in La Rochelle

A holiday of discovery near your cheap hotel in La Rochelle

Around the old port
Perched beside the Atlantic Ocean, La Rochelle is a town with countless architectural treasures. The capital of the Charente-Maritime area offers visitors a fascinating voyage through culture across the ages. Let our team give you a few tips for discovering the iconic locations near your cheap hotel in La Rochelle.
Around Saint-Sauveur
The old port was established in the 13th century, but it wasn’t until the 14th and 15th centuries that it was fortified with towers. These towers - Saint-Nicolas, La Chaîne and La Lanterne – have become symbols of the town. La Lanterne was also a prison and lighthouse. The fact that these towers and the huge clock were built shows how rich the town was in the Middle Ages. At the other side of the canal is the Saint-Nicolas district. The little cottages of this former fishermen’s district will add an extra sense of authenticity to your holiday. Second-hand and new booksellers, art galleries and shops all make the streets a lively place to be near your cheap hotel in La Rochelle.
You can’t fail to be enchanted by the beauty of the colonnades which adorn the streets, the timbered houses and the grand town houses once belonging to important shipowners. As you explore, you will discover perfectly preserved buildings. Step inside Saint-Sauveur church (after which the district is named), and don’t forget Dames Blanches chapel either. Keep walking and you’ll reach the town hall. It was built in the 13th century and has been a listed building since 1861. You’ll love its interiors with their Flamboyant Gothic design. You’ll also notice its façade, which bears the strong influence of the Italian Renaissance. Another La Rochelle curiosity is the Maison Henri II. It always surprises visitors, as it in fact only contains corridors running between its two neighbouring buildings.

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