A full immersion historical experience during your low cost holidays in Montpellier

A full immersion historical experience during your low cost holidays in Montpellier

Saint-Pierre cathedral
In the age-old city of Montpellier, the little narrow streets of the old quarters add charm and spice to your walk. Make the most of your low cost holidays in Montpellier to go back in time and delve into its history. There are five sites we particularly recommend.
A listed park
Originally, Saint-Pierre was the chapel of the Saint-Benedict monastery, erected in 1364 in the Ecusson quarter. It was only in 1536 that it was granted its cathedral status. After the decorative work, four towers and a porch were added.
Place de la Comédie
The jardin des plantes of the capital of Languedoc-Roussillon is one of the first European parks. Created in 1593, this garden which covers a surface area of approximately 5 hectares is now listed as a historical monument. During your low cost holidays in Montpellier, don’t miss the arboretum and the landscaped park of the garden next to the cathedral.
A stone’s throw from the Ibis Montpellier Centre Comédie and Ibis Styles Montpellier Centre Comédie hotels, Place de la Comédie is dominated by the opera house. Its oval shape gives it the nickname “The Egg”. A fountain surmounted by the Three Graces presides in the middle of the square which is surrounded by Haussmannian buildings.

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