A cheap weekend in Lyon: a guided tour through its iconic districts

A cheap weekend in Lyon: a guided tour through its iconic districts

The little winding streets of old Lyon
Several ibis hotels can welcome you into the city centre for your cheap weekend in Lyon. Two notable examples are the hotels near La Part-Dieu and Perrache stations, both handy locations for getting to transport and accessing the city’s unmissable sites. These include districts which are listed UNESCO World Heritage sites.
Notre-Dame de Fourvière: a unique style
Go back in time and visit old Lyon and its Renaissance buildings. Climb its little streets and stroll through its squares such as Place Saint-Jean with its impressive 12th century cathedral of the same name. Afterwards, take your chance to enjoy a delicious break in one of Lyon’s famous bouchon restaurants.
Croix-Rousse, the silk district
At the peak of Fourvière hill, the 19th century Notre-Dame basilica has pride of place in a site which has been dedicated to the Virgin Mary since the Middle Ages. This majestic building is has a unique mix of Byzantine, Roman and Gothic styles and its interior is remarkably richly ornamented. The top of Fourvière is also famous for the marvellous views over the city which it offers.
Breath deep in the Tête d’Or park
On the city’s second hill, Croix-Rousse and its sloping streets hide another side to Lyon’s history. Its tops were built up with orange façades in the 19th century to accommodate the silk making industry. The district is an emblem of manual work, but it’s now much loved for its great restaurants, bars and hip boutiques too.
If you need a moment’s relaxation during your cheap holiday in Lyon, go to the Parc de la Tête d’Or. Its English-style gardens make it a truly refreshing green space in the city. It’s on the banks of the Rhone and you can get there easily through the Enfants du Rhône gateway, which also offers lovely views of the lake. It has a botanical garden and a rose garden, as well as a zoo which is home to African animals.

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