A cheap hotel in Rennes: a journey through history in Brittany’s first city

A cheap hotel in Rennes: a journey through history in Brittany’s first city

Following the forts
During your cheap holidays in Rennes, discover a city where the living is easy. The capital of Brittany has carefully preserved the centuries-old heritage of its region, which has a strong identity all of its own. From the city centre ibis hotels near the train station, you’ll have easy access to all the treasures of which this town is justifiably proud.
The Parlement de Bretagne: a location to admire
A modern town was built in stone in the 18th century after a great fire left the old city in ashes in 1720. The city hall is a beautiful example of this reconstruction work. It was made by the man who would become Louis XV’s own architect, Jacques V Gabriel. Its concave façade perfectly complements the rotunda of the Opéra at the other side of the square.
Take a detour via the cathedral
The Parlement de Bretagne is one of Rennes’ loveliest historic buildings and is now home to some 17th-century treasures in the form of its woodwork and frescos. Its history has also made it a symbol of Breton identity: don’t miss it when you’re on holiday in Rennes.
Saint-Pierre cathedral is located near the Place des Lices. It was originally built in the Gothic style. It has been remodelled countless times since it was first constructed in the 12th century and is now an example of Neo-Classical architecture. Its two granite towers are 48m tall.

Cheap holidays in Rennes: a walk in the heart of the Breton capital
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