A cheap hotel in Fourvière: Gallo-Roman remains at the Basilica

A cheap hotel in Fourvière: Gallo-Roman remains at the Basilica

A Gallo-Roman hill
If you’re visiting Lyon, you can’t miss Fourvière hill, the ancient home of the city which dates back to Antiquity. Book a cheap hotel near Fourvière and discover a district much loved by pedestrians for its green spaces and unique panoramas.
A basilica at the very summit
You can get to Fourvière hill from old Lyon via steep streets and steps such as the Montée Saint-Barthélemy which starts on Place Saint-Paul. If you’re not feeling quite that energetic, take the funicular. The site is worth visiting for its interesting views over the city and its multiple Gallo-Roman remains dating back to the foundation of ‘Lugdunum’ by the Romans in 43BC. You can visit two ancient theatres - every year they host concerts as part of the Nuits de Fourvière festival – as well as ancient thermal baths and Saint-Just sanctuary.
In Ancient times, the top of the hill was the heart of the city thanks to the forum vetus or ‘old forum’, after which the district is named. This site is now home to Notre-Dame de Fourvière basilica. Built in the 19th century, it has become an icon of Lyon. The view from the parvis over the peninsula is just perfect: if the weather is fine, the Alps are visible in the distance. This impressive building is characterised by its four corner towers (hence its nickname ‘the upturned elephant’) and its architecture which blends Byzantine, Roman and Gothic styles. Nicknamed the ‘hill that prays’, Fourvière has several places of worship such as Saint-Irénée church. With its Carolingian crypt, this is one of France’s most ancient churches.
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