5 cheap outings in Scheveningen

5 cheap outings in Scheveningen

Want to discover Scheveningen on a budget? These 5 tips help you get the best Scheveningen has to offer, without spending much.

Scheveningen might just be the most exciting district of The Hague. It certainly is for those who love the sea and the beach. One huge advantage of spending the day at the beach is that it can be a very cheap outing. Strolling along the shore or the pier, or going into the harbour can provide plenty of excitement. On top of that, some stores and attractions lower their prices in winter to attract more people during the off-season. Want to explore Scheveningen’s without spending too much money? Take a low-budget tour with the following tips.
The Scheveningen Pier
Scheveningen’s most iconic building is the Pier, its current incarnation dating back to 1959. This impressive building reaches from the boulevard into the sea. The pier was closed in 2013 due to deferred maintenance, but reopened to the public in August 2015. Big plans have been made to return the pier to its old status : as the centerpiece of the Scheveningen beach. And what is more, admission is free! See the pier up close and enjoy the unusual architecture, the tumbling waves and the wonderful view.Opened daily from 10am.
The harbour
The Scheveningen harbour boasts countless boats which can be admired from the waterside. Fishing boats are being unloaded, while on the other side people are sauntering by the marina. The lively harbour is freely accesible and well worth exploring with its many sidewalk cafes and delicious fresh fish. You decide how much you spend while visiting the Scheveningen harbour!
World War II Bunkers
On the other of the Scheveningen fish market, located at the beginning of the Strandweg, is the Bunker Museum Den Haag. The museum is situated in an underground bunker which was part of the Atlantikwall during World War II. The museum is run by volunteers and is accessible for free three days a week (on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday). Along the coast you can find more hidden bunkers which are certainly worth exploring!
Stevinstraat market
This market is an ideal place to shop without spending too much money. Each Thursday, within walking distance from the Scheveningen beach, you can find a cosy neighbourhood market in the Stevinstraat. The many stalls offer a diverse range of merchandise, from fruits and vegetables to jewelry and clothing. Here you can shop ‘till you drop among the friendly locals. Thursdays from 9am to 5pm.
Panorama Mesdag
Panorama Mesdag is the name of one of the most famous attractions in Scheveningen. This panoramic painting is a unique cultural and historical monument from the 19th century. It is a depiction of the view across the North Sea, the dunes, Scheveningen and The Hague from the ‘Seinpostduin’. Visiting the panorama itself is not free of charge, but climbing the ‘Seinpostduin’ yourself to compare the view is! Spot the differences and take your own panoramic picture.
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